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Heather W.

After about two to three weeks of TMS, I noticed a major shift

Have you ever felt completely hopeless or empty, as if you’re merely going through the motions of daily life with no passion or hope?

I have.

For more than a decade, depression crippled my life. I spent days unable to get out of bed, barely able to take care of myself.

Thirteen years ago, I gave birth to a baby girl, but experienced none of the blissful emotions that often come with new motherhood. I was heartbroken – why couldn’t I feel better?

I went to countless doctors who placed me on numerous medications. I checked myself into a mental hospital four times. None of it worked – I began to lose faith that I would ever feel happy again.

Then I was introduced to Dr. Wakim and his team at Transformation. During my first visit, he proclaimed the words that I had been longing to hear for years – “We will get you better!”

Dr. Wakim introduced me to an alternative therapy treatment called TMS Therapy. Giving it a try was one of the best decisions I made for myself and my family.

A TMS Therapy session is about 45 minutes long and should take place 5-6 times per week for 4-6 weeks. The best part? I felt no negative side effects and it was painless.

However, like any treatment, it required a lot of dedication. I worked hard to stay positive throughout the process. What if this was just another procedure that went nowhere?

After about two to three weeks of TMS, I noticed a major shift – the feelings of hopelessness and sadness were dissipating, like rain clouds after a storm. Miraculously, I could see the sun again. I continued treatment for about six more weeks, until I felt like myself again.

Today, those days of darkness and gloom are long gone. I can now take care of my daughter and husband. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I love giving back to the community, helping others and finding God.

If you are one of more than 16 million Americans living with depression, don’t wait to seek help! You are not alone. We live in an amazing world full of love and excitement, don’t miss it!

If I had never been introduced to Dr. Wakim and his staff, I don’t know where I would be. They treated me like family and truly saved my life.

Heather, Transformations Patient (2019)

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