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10 Signs That You Need To Take Care of Yourself
1You begin to have more time when you do not feel completely present in your body or surroundings or you lost time.
2. You begin to have flashbacks or more frequent flashbacks that intrude into your mind.
3.You have feelings that seem unmanageable or flood you.
4. You experience irritability, strong, anger, depression, fear, anxiety, or other feelings, particularly if they feel out of control or if you don’t understand their source.
5. You begin to injure yourself or you injure yourself more frequently.
6. You are behaving more compulsively in areas such as eating, working, or sexual activity.
7. You are completely numb, unable to feel any emotion.
8. You have a desire to isolate yourself and avoid others.
9. There is a dramatic change in your sleeping or eating patterns.
You use sarcasm or laughter to avoid dealing with your real feelings.  
It is important to “tune into yourself,” especially in these difficult times. Looking for the above signs will help you be healthier; and live a better adjusted life.

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